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2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses to the door of a church in Wittenberg in 1517, triggering one of the most important revivals in Christian history. Christians everywhere were reminded what they believed in and why, and to put Jesus Christ in the center of it all!

The Reformation Time Line pamphlet covers the dramatic events and key people that led to the formation of Protestantism. Gain fresh insights into the rise of Protestantism and deepen your understanding of faith in rich history. Includes:
  • 400 Years and Over 130 Key Events of Church History & Bible Translations (1215-1698)
  • Summaries & Illustrations of Over 30 Influential Figures (Martin Luther, John Calvin, Joan of Arc, King James, and more!)
  • Full-Color Map & Charts of the spread of Reformation & origins of Protestant teachings
  • Family Tree of Christian Denominations
  • and much more!
12 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 33” long.

See 400 Years of Church History in a Fold-Out Timeline

Reformation Time Line is a small, 14 panel pamphlet that shows all the key people and events that were part of the Reformation—one of the most important periods in church history. This illustrated, easy-to-follow time line, begins with the pre-Reformation period, 1215-1515, presenting the dramatic events leading to the bold actions of Martin Luther and the onset of the Reformation period. Luther’s actions were only part of the process that shaped Western Christianity.

Discover Fascinating Insights in the 3 Reformation Time Periods:
  1. The Pre-Reformation Period, 1215-1515
    • The trial of Joan of Arc, 1431
    • Martin Luther is ordained as priest and celebrates first mass, 1507
  2. The Reformation Period, 1515-1563
    • Luther introduces German-language worship services, 1522
    • The Church of England branches off the Catholic Church
  3. The Post-Reformation Period, 1564-1689
    • The term “Puritan” is first used for Protestants who want to “purify” the Church of England of ceremony and ritual not found in the Bible, 1564
Packed With Charts, Illustrations, Map and Timeline

The Protestant Reformation is a rich period of history, packed with key turning points, influential people, and unforgettable events that shaped the course of Christianity forever. It can be dizzying to keep track of it all, but when it’s laid out side-by-side in timelines, charts, and a map, it’s never been easier!
  • Full-Color Illustrations of over 30 Key Events and People
  • Origins of Protestant Doctrines
  • Map showing the spread of the Reformation
  • Family Tree of Protestant denominations
  • History of Bible translation into the English language
Christian History Timeline Covers Over 130 World-Changing Events and 30 Key People
  • The Pre-Reformation Period, 1215-1515
    • The Magna Carta
    • The trial of Joan of Arc
    • Martin Luther
    • John Wycliffe
    • William Tyndale
  • The Reformation Period, 1516-1563
    • Erasmus
    • John Calvin
    • Anabaptist movement
    • Founding of the first Protestant college
    • Ulrich Zwingli
    • King Henry VIII becomes the head of the English church
  • The Post-Reformation Period, 1564-1689
    • King James Bible is published
    • Separatists / “Puritans” reject the Church of England and sail to America on the Mayflower
    • Blaise Pascal converts
    • First missionary societies formed by Protestants
Easily Compare Protestant Teachings & Christian Denominations at a Glance

Church doctrines and denominations can be difficult to understand — but when you can compare the teachings and denominations side-by-side, it’s never been easier! Whether you’re comparing the Lutheran Church with the Anglican Church or Calvinism with Arminianism, it’s all laid out in easy-to-read charts.
  • Branches of the Reformation including
    • Reformation Leaders
    • Branches of the Reformation
    • Christian Denominational Offshoots
  • The Five Solas of the Reformation and their meanings
  • The 5 Points of Arminianism
  • The 5 Points of Calvinism (TULIP)
Reformation Time Line is a fascinating and useful church history resource that you will refer to again and again.

Used for:
  • Individual study
  • Discipleship
  • Small Group or Sunday School class
  • Christian School
  • Homeschoolers
  • New Believers’ class
  • Church giveaways

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