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Solve and unravel kid-sized crimes and mind-bending mysteries packed with truth and humor! Perfect for elementary to preteens. 112 pages.

"I don't suppose you have a friend who is a warthog. You probably don't have a friend who is a professional detective, either. So it's very unlikely that you have a friend who's both. But I do." So begins the adventures of Bill the Warthog and his friend Nick Sayga as they piece together neighborhood mysteries and reveal Bible lessons in each case. Buckle up for a wild ride!

Bring out your inner super-sleuth with Bill the Warthog in Quest for the Temple of Truth, the fourth book in this exciting mystery series! Crack open 10 different creative cases while exploring important Bible lessons in each edge-of-your-seat book!

Lazy older brothers, big game poachers, and fast-talking clerks don't stand a chance with Bill on the case. The dirt flies as Bill and Nick uncover lies, stolen dog biscuits, and hidden pirate gold! Put your detective skills to the test with these hilarious, fast-paced whodunits. Each mystery's solution will have you seeing Jesus's parables in a whole new way!

"The mysteries in this book are great, and not only that, they are packed with truth and humor. I recommend the 'Bill the Warthog' series to parents looking for good books to read to their children, as well as, to independent elementary school to early middle school readers. They're simply fabulous!" —Jill, Amazon Review

Meet Bill the Warthog!

Bill the Warthog Meet Bill the Warthog, the best (and only) warthog detective in the world! He's not your average warthog: he wears dress shoes on his hind feet, dress pants, a pressed white shirt, tie, and a long trench coat. Oh, and did we mention he always wears a fedora hat? With a great nose for mysteries (and delicious bugs!), not a lot gets past Bill, but it's OK: he's one of the good guys! Join Bill on his quest to solve persnickety puzzles, crush kid-sized crimes, and thwart threatening thieves.

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