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"I am one mistake away from disappointing you and disappointing God."

Freedom from perfectionism begins at the point of truth—God's truth. In this quick reference minibook, June Hunt unpacks key Bible verses to deepen your understanding of what it means to be made "perfect" in Christ. Experience the freedom that comes from replacing your fear of failure with the unshakable truth of God's unconditional love.

Unmask the Root Causes of Perfectionism and Find out Practical Ways to Stop the Cycle of Perfectionism (and OCD)
  • Get key definitions, such as what is the difference between perfectionism disorder and a pursuit of excellence? How can I know if I am stuck in an unhealthy pattern of perfectionism?
  • Find out the signs and common characteristics of a perfectionist. Discover how the drive for perfection can take its toll on you physical, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Discover practical solutions rooted in the Word of God on how to find freedom from perfectionism (and help others break the cycle of perfectionism). Explains how to overcome obsessive thoughts, set-up realistic goals, manage time effectively, accept failure, understand God's unconditional love, and pursue excellence.
  • Dive into relevant stories that shed light on God's perspective of perfectionism, including the familiar story of "Mary and Martha."

The Bible is filled with true stories about people who are far from perfect. Even God's greatest servants had flaws and experienced failure. But God's unmatchable grace, picked them back up time and time again, and empowered them to soar to even greater heights of service.

The challenging question is: How do you free yourself from the chains of perfectionism? According to God's Word, you gain freedom by claiming your new identity in Christ. This minibook Perfection: The Performance Trap shows you how to confidently walk in your new identity in Christ—free from the burden of performance.

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