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Product Description

Jesus' names hold special insights that will strengthen your walk as a believer! This ready-to-use PowerPoint is perfect for pastors, teachers, or personal study. The Names of Jesus PowerPoint shows over 45 names, gives the definition, provides Scripture references, and teaches how to apply it to our lives today.

A few of the names of Jesus include:

  • King of Kings
  • Lord of Lords
  • Good Shepherd
  • Messiah
  • Prince of Peace
  • High Priest

In addition to the 200-slide teaching presentation, the disk contains a bonus feature with a beautiful continuous-loop devotional multimedia slide show suitable for use on sanctuary media screens before or during worship services.

Rose Publishing Product Code: 344X

Want to do a group Bible study virtually during quarantine or lockdown? No problem! These PowerPoint presentation Bible studies are easy to screenshare over Zoom or other video conferencing softwares and services! Simply open the PowerPoint when you're ready to present to your small group--anyone can lead these studies!--and select "Share Screen" and choose the PowerPoint window. Set your presentation to full screen and your Bible study is ready to go! It's never been easier to teach the Bible visually and virtually! (Visit our PowerPoint FAQs for more details.)

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