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Product Description

This is the UPDATED Names of Jesus PowerPoint Presentation with NEW slides and information!

From the Prince of Peace to Emmanuel, this ready-to-use PowerPoint features over 40 names of Jesus found throughout the Old Testament and explains their meaning. Packed with full-color pictures, simple summaries, and relevant life applications, this ready-to-use presentation features over 200 slides.

Each name of Jesus holds an encouraging promise for those who believe in him. Some of the 48 names of Jesus include—
  • Immanuel—“God with Us”
  • Yahweh—“He Who Is”
  • Wonderful Counselor—He is our defense attorney
  • Prince of Peace—Jesus is our peace
  • Son of God—Jesus is the Son of God by nature
Share the unshakable peace of knowing who Jesus is with your students, whether you’re in the midst of a storm or enjoying a time of prosperity. This highly visual and stunning PowerPoint presentation will enrich your time of worship and deepen any Bible study. Each of Jesus’s names is explained along with its meaning, application, Bible reference, and commentary.

4 Key Features of the Names of Jesus PowerPoint

1. Simple Overview of 40 English & Hebrew Names of Jesus and their Meanings

Experience the ease of getting to know God with over 200 visually-stunning slides that will inspire awe and beauty in the heart of any believer. For each name of God, enjoy seeing:
  • Meaning
  • Application
  • Key Bible References
  • Fascinating Facts & Additional Information
2. Reproducible Worksheets and Notes to Teach an Incredible Names of Jesus Study

Teaching the Names of Jesus has never been easier. Included in this all-inclusive PowerPoint CD you will find:
  • Handy outlines, notes, and scripture references for teaching and your students
  • Application questions for discussion, study, and reflection
  • Quick-reference chart
  • A helpful matching quiz on the Names of Jesus
3. Includes Fascinating Facts and Insights on the Names of Jesus

Unlike other names of Jesus presentations, this 200-slide teaching aid is packed with fascinating facts that will engage your students! Learn fascinating facts such as:
  • “Jesus” is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Yeshua or Joshua
  • “Lion of the Tribe of Judah” is a reference to a prophecy that Israel’s Savior would rise out of Judah
  • “Jehovah” was incorrectly translated by a 16the century German translator from “YHWH
  • and much more!
4. Includes Names of Jesus Worship Video Slides

Bonus feature: In addition to the 200-slide teaching presentation, the disk contains a beautiful devotional multimedia slide show (worship video) that plays automatically (continuous-loop) making it the perfect background for pre-service visuals, worship services, devotions, and quiet meditations.

Perfect for individual use, small groups, Bible studies, new believer’s classes, adult Sunday school, devotion/worship, and much more!

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