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Fully-Illustrated, Reproducible Bible Lessons for Kids--Includes everything you need to offer meaningful, fun Bible lessons. Geared for ages 5-10, each volume includes materials for eight extended sessions and dozens of Bible activities, puzzles, skits, snack ideas, and more.

Whether you teach childrens church, after-school sessions, mid-week services, Sunday School, or home school, you will find everything you need to offer meaningful, fun lessons in Instant Bible Lessons. Each book includes materials geared for eight extended sessions, plus extra ideas and teacher resources. From puzzles to games to snacks, each lesson’s content provides flexibility as you shape the lesson’s message for your class.

Take your students sightseeing through the town where Jesus was born, where He grew up, and where He preached. They will not only learn about the countries and customs, they will also deepen their understanding of who Jesus is!

Each Kids Bible Lesson Includes:
  • Bible Story
  • Discussion Questions
  • Memory Verse
  • Several Related Activities
  • Reproducible Take-Home Sheets
  • Step-By-Step Instructions for Teachers
  • Puzzles, Crafts, Skit Ideas, Finger Play, Games and More!
Experience the Convenience of Flexible Bible Lessons for Kids!

The most exciting aspect of the Instant Bible lesson series is its flexibility. You can easily adapt these kids Bible lesson to a Sunday School hour, a children’s church service/Kids Ministry, a Wednesday night children’s Bible study, or home use.

Packed with a variety of reproducible ideas, you will enjoy creating a class session that is best for your group of students—whether large or small, beginning or advanced, active or quiet. Heres just some of the Bible activities included:
  • Fun Crafts (Simple and Budget-Friendly)
  • Role-Playing and Skit Ideas to get your kids moving
  • Activities to help kids dig deeper
  • Puzzles
  • Action verses and songs
  • Finger play and games
  • Themed Snack Suggestions
Extra Resources For Kids Sunday School Teachers

These all-inclusive Bible lesson include helpful resources that make teaching easier than ever. Includes:
  • Step-by-Step Teaching Instruction
  • Teacher Helps (Practical advice and tips)
  • Bulletin Board Ideas to create a fun atmosphere and safe environment
  • Discussion Starters
  • Perforated Pages to make it easy to copy handout and craft templates
5 Key Features of Rainbows Reproducible Bible Lessons:

1. Age-appropriate and Easy-to-understand
Enjoy having solid, Bible-based material that explains key information in a way that is easy-to-understand for your kid’s age-group. Features memorable rhyming songs, Bible activities, and craft ideas that are age-appropriate. Covers every age group from nursery to preteens.

2. Packed with Fun Bible Activities for Kids!
Loaded with original Bible activities, fun crafts, skit ideas, music options, snack suggestions, challenging puzzles, and more!

Easily keep kids’ attention and unleash their creativity with these fun activities! Perfect for all attention spans and learning styles!

3. Flexible Bible Lessons and Ready-to-Use Bible Activities
Bible verses and stories kick off each lesson followed by activities that help kids remember key information. Each lesson is all-inclusive and includes step-by-step instructions for teachers. Provides multiple activity options which make it easy to tailor your lesson to the needs, learning, styles, and preferences of your class.

4. Low-Prep Time and Budget-Friendly
Includes ready-made hand-outs and includes templates for art and crafts. Most lessons use materials you can find around your house—helping you stick to your budget!

5. Reproducible (Features Perforated Pages)
Save time and money with these ready-to-use Bible lessons and activities. These reproducible books use perforated pages making it easy to make copies for your class (or kids).

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