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See Over 75 Key Events in Jesus' Life and Ministry—At a Glance!

There are 89 chapters in the Gospels that cover Jesus' life from his birth to his ascension—that's a lot to cover! But what if we could help you save time and condense all of that into a quick and easy study format? Enjoy having an easy-to-read time line which shows over 75 events in Jesus' life and ministry along with key scriptures—at a glance!

Easily see the stories of Jesus in the four Gospels in a fresh new way by looking at them in the order they happened with this full-color time line. From the birth of Christ in Bethlehem to his ascension into heaven, see helpful Bible references for 75 key events, including Jesus' ministry, the Transfiguration, the Last Supper, and more at a glance!

Key Features of this Life of Jesus Time Line Pamphlet:
  1. Color-coded time line of 75 key events from Jesus' life and ministry
  2. Includes 1-4 scripture references for each event
  3. Day-by-day overview of Jesus' last week
  4. Over 40 full-color photos and illustrations
  5. Fits easily into the back of most Bibles for handy reference

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