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Product Description

Get a solid overview on 100 events, miracles, and parables from the life of Jesus with this ready-to-use presentation! With full-color pictures, charts, and simple summaries, gain a fresh perspective on what Jesus taught, what he did, and why it matters now. Includes time lines of Jesus’ life and charts of key Christian beliefs about Jesus. A wonderful introduction or refresher for new believers and life-long Christians.

Covering everything from Jesus’ birth to his ascension, get a solid overview and key Bible references for each key event. Discover which events do (and don’t!) appear in all four Gospels. Comes with 100+ slides, pictures, and handouts, including a harmony of the Gospels corresponding to the time line in the presentation.

This Presentation on the Life of Jesus Covers:
  • Nativity story
  • Jesus’ first miracle and baptism
  • Disciples called
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Parable of the Good Samaritan
  • Ten lepers healed
  • Palm Sunday to Easter
  • Appearance to disciples and ascension
  • And more!
Enjoy Having a Fully Customizable, Ready-to-Use PowerPoint Presentation on the Life of Jesus

Another excellent feature of The Life of Jesus PowerPoint is its flexibility. Pastors and teachers can present the PowerPoint in one setting or as a series of study sessions. Once loaded onto a computer, the teacher has flexibility as to how the information is presented:
  • Rearrange the format for specific environment or time considerations
  • Present at the speed that’s best for study participants
  • Or use only a portion of the information for a special presentation
Perfect for group and individual study, discipleship, new member classes, church libraries, classrooms, homeschool, and much more!

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