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Teach through dozens of important kings and prophets—from King David to Malachi, the last prophet in the Old Testament. This PowerPoint presentation offers quick overviews of more than 40 kings and 20 prophets in the Old Testament, showing their dates, locations, prophetic messages, and impact on Bible history. Includes maps of Old Testament Israel and Judah.

Did you know?
  • Josiah was crowned king at only eight years old.
  • King Ahaziah’s death after falling from his palace was foretold by the prophet Elijah.
  • Notorious Queen Athaliah put to death most of the royal family.
  • Amos was a fig farmer who was called to be a prophet of judgment.
  • Wicked King Jehoram killed all his brothers and turned Judah back to idolatry.
  • Both Daniel and Ezekiel were prophets in exile in Babylonia.

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