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Do you have trouble keeping all of those Bible people and events straight?

Even the president of a Christian publishing company can visit Jerusalem and walk away confused. It's hard to imagine what Jerusalem was like during King David's time...or during Jesus' time, and it's tough to keep Bible people and events in chronological order.

Here's what you'll discover by using this timeline:
  • The key people and events during biblical times: King David and Solomon.
  • How the Temple was built and destroyed, and rebuilt and destroyed.
  • How the Temple looked at the time of Christ.

You'll also understand today's news better. You will—
  • Understand why Jerusalem is one of the most fought-over cities of all time.
  • Learn the fascinating history of the modern State of Israel.
  • Know the history of the Crusaders and the Islamic Sultans.

This Jerusalem Timeline is perfect for travelers —It's a slim pamphlet that will fit in the back of your Bible, inside your camera case, and in most purses. Or, if you have an iPad, buy the PDF version!

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