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Product Description

This concise chart allows you to compare the basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims (those who follow the Islamic faith) at a glance. It will help you reach out to your Muslim friends and neighbors with understanding, and learn how to answer misunderstandings. Topics include the following:
  • Major Doctrines and Beliefs
  • Key Writings and Scriptures
  • Founder, Date, Location
  • Sects and Denominations
  • Who Is God?
  • Who Is Jesus?
  • Who Is the Holy Spirit?
  • Prophets and Angels
  • Life after Death
This laminated wall chart measures 19.5" x 26" and includes reproducible worksheets on the back to help keep learning hands-on. Go beyond memorization and keep kids engaged by allowing them to apply what they’ve learned! Make lesson planning easy with these fun, easy-to-understand worksheets. Make copies for your class to use and take home.

Product Details

Wall Chart