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Find out how to help an adolescent struggling with anger, teen depression, grief, or loss with this easy-to-understand Christian parenting book by expert Dr. Norm Wright. Includes an overview of key symptoms and practical solutions.

Is your teen withdrawing, acting unusual, or distracted? Do you feel like you just don't know your child anymore? Are you afraid it's more than just a stage? Find out which responses are "normal" adolescent behaviors, and which ones indicate deeper issues related to loss, anger, or teen depression, with this easy-to-understand book.

Expert Dr. Norm Wright gives insight on how to reconnect with your child, understand their struggle, and never lose hope.
  • Discover 11 practical ways to help grieving teens
  • Find out how to help your teen face and overcome fear, guilt, anger and teen depression
  • Identify and support the 11 ways your teen creates their own identity
  • Learn 4 basic principles on how to interact with your teen and foster positive communication

Perfect for parents (as well as pastors, youth leaders, children's ministry leaders, teachers, concerned friends and family members) who want to help a teen during a difficult time in his/her life.

4 Key Features About Dr. Norm Wright's Book, Helping Your Hurting Teen
  1. Covers Key Teen Issues Every Parent Needs to Know
  2. Adolescence is a life phase filled with physical, mental, and emotional changes that can leave both you and your teen spinning. Expert Dr. Norm Wright maps out how to help your teen navigate through this confusing time. He covers:
    • 11 "break-away" behaviors that are normal for teens during this time (wanting to spend more time with friends, reluctance to accept advice, etc.)
    • How to overcome communication hurdles (includes tips for parents)
    • 7 different types of loss, crisis, or trauma your child may experience and how to help
    • What to say when your child is struggling with fear (fear of failing, fear of bullying, fear of rejection, etc.)
  3. How to Help Adolescents Struggling with Teen Depression and Anger Two of the most common responses to loss during adolescence are anger and depression. Weaving together his experience as a Christian counselor with the timeless truths found in the Word of God, Norm Wright covers 3 key ways to help your child let go of their anger and he explains the 11 ways to respond to teen depression. He covers key symptoms and proven solutions on how to help.
  4. How to Help Teens Handle Loss
  5. Every type of loss, especially the death of a loved one, requires some amount of grieving. Knowing how to help your teen process this loss is important. Enjoy getting practical ways to help your teen process through the grief, anger, and guilt. He covers:
    • How to help your teen cope with the fear, guilt, anger, and confusion that surfaces after the death of a loved one.
    • 11 key ways parents can help their teen process grief (covers everything from the symptoms of grief to healthy ways to mourn).
    • Conversation starters, models, and even diagrams you can use to help your teen process the death of a loved one and talk about their feelings.
  6. How to Interact and Communicate with Your Teen

No matter what is happening in your child's life, you need to connect with him or her as a parent. Knowing that this is often easier said than done, Dr. Wright gives practical advice on how to set boundaries, foster cooperation, set expectations, and maintain communication with your teen. He gives 4 standards to use when setting up rules and provides over 54 different questions you can use to get your child talking to you again.

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