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Start your journey toward financial freedom today with this quick and simple guide on money management! Do you wake up in the morning with money issues on your mind? Do you worry about how to pay your bills? Are you envious of certain people because they have things you can't afford? If any of these statements apply to you, it may be time to evaluate how you handle your finances. To gain a godly perspective on finances and learn how to wisely manage your money, check out this easy-to-understand Christian guide on money management. It covers—

  • What the Bible says about money, stewardship, giving, and tithes. Includes key Bible verses.
  • 4 myths about money that lead to overspending.
  • 6 common lifestyle choices that can keep you stuck in debt. Includes a checklist that will help you evaluate whether you are making wise spending decisions.
  • 5 key principles on how to manage your money, covering everything from growing in contentment to practicing self-control. Scripture verses and life-application steps included.
  • Answers key questions on money management and financial stewardship:
    • What does the Bible say about finances?
    • How can I handle my money responsibly? How can I cancel my debt?
    • How can I resist the urge to spend? Why do I feel the urge to spend?
    • If I give money to God, can I expect him to bless me with financial gain?
    • I've been told it is wrong to save money. Does a savings account prove that I'm not trusting God?

Whether you need help achieving financial freedom yourself or you are helping others pursue their financial goals, this quick-answer guide offers practical advice and money managing tools that will help you.

Finding true financial freedom involves more than having enough money to bask in the comfort of a prosperous lifestyle. It's more than learning to budget expenses, to save regularly, to invest wisely. True financial freedom is being content with what God gives you. And contentment is a matter of the heart!

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