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WINNER of the Christian Retailers' Choice Awards 2010 for the "most significant new life-changing products in the Christian retail industry."

Christian History Made Easy clearly lays out the most important events in the history of the church, from the time of Jesus to modern day.
Christian History Made Easy explains early church history, the Church Councils, the Great Schism, the Crusades, Francis of Assisi, John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformation, and more. This incredible handbook presents key church history events and great Christian leaders everyone should know, along with full-color church history timelines, photos, pictures, and maps. The study guide and worksheets in the back makes this book an excellent Bible Study, adults Sunday school topics, or homeschool curriculum. Author Timothy Paul Jones makes Christian history refreshingly fun while at the same time informing Christians about the history of the Christian faith.

Key Features

  1. ENGAGING—Find out the fascinating and inspiring stories of key people, such as Martin Luther, Augustine, Francis of Assisi, John Calvin, Charles Finney, John Bunyan, and more!
  2. EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND—Enjoy getting a simple overview of all key events throughout Christian history, including how we got the Bible; creeds; the Crusades; revivals; and more!
  3. PACKED WITH VISUALS—including charts, time lines, pictures, maps, photos, and illustrations.
  4. FASCINATING FACTS—Enjoy discovering fascinating facts, such as: St. Patrick was kidnapped by pirates and sold to a sheepherder in Ireland!

Each Chapter of Christian History Made Easy Includes
  • Key events & concepts
  • Names, key terms, and definitions you should know
  • Full-color Bible maps and timelines
  • At the end of each chapter is a student guide, student worksheet, learning activity and quiz

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