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Packed with pictures, charts, and simple summaries, this PowerPoint presentation covers the most important events in Christian history! Easily teach early church history, the Church Councils, the Great Schism, the Crusades, Francis of Assisi, John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformation, and more. With the click of a mouse, clearly see what you need to know about key events and people at a glance as you dive into real-life stories from Christian history. Twelve teaching sessions with more than 350 ready-made slides containing full-color photos, illustrations, and maps. Includes handouts and worksheets as printable PDFs. Easy to use in the classroom, Sunday school class, Bible study, or church small group.

3 Key Features of Christian History Made Easy PowerPoint

1. Easy-to-Understand Overview of 2,000 Years of Christian History!

Enjoy getting a clear overview of all key events throughout Christian history, including how we got the Bible; creeds; the Crusades; revivals; and more! In twelve dynamic teaching sessions, discover nearly 2,000 years of fascinating events and historical figures such as:
  • Apostle Paul, St. Augustine, Billy Graham, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wycliffe, and more
  • The Destruction of Jerusalem, the Crusades, the Reformation, and more
  • The births of the Pentecostal Church, Anglican Church, Fundamentalism, and more
2. See Fascinating Facts and Figures from Christian History at a Glance

Teaching has never been easier or more exciting! With just the click of a mouse, enjoy discovering fascinating facts that you’ll never get from a dry history book or lecture, such as:
  • St. Patrick was kidnapped by pirates and sold to a sheepherder in Ireland
  • The term “inerrancy” wasn’t officially defined until the late 20th century
  • Pope Urban II offered the “equivalent of penance” to anyone that participated in the Crusades
The Christian History Made Easy PowerPoint reveals dozens of authors, revivalists, and leaders who were used by God to translate the Scriptures and spread the gospel, including:
  • Martin Luther
  • St. Augustine
  • Francis of Assisi
  • William Tyndale
  • John Calvin
  • Charles Spurgeon
  • Billy Graham
  • and much more!
3. Includes Reproducible Leader Guide, Notes, and Worksheets on Christian History

Includes Christian History Made Easy teacher notes and reproducible worksheets, on the CD-ROM as PDF files, include:
  • Christian History Made Easy PowerPoint handouts with space for notes
  • Useful charts and diagrams
  • Christian History Events timeline
  • Activities and worksheets
  • Twelve-session leader guide with:
    • Clear step-by-step directions per session for a complete Christian History course
    • Discussion and reflection questions
    • Helpful quizzes and learning activities
Perfect for individual study, discipleship, small group or Sunday school classes, Christian school, homeschoolers, new believer’s classes, church library, and more!

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