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Cactus Corral Lessons on the Fruit of the Spirit from Acts
28nineteen Curriculum

The fruit of the Spirit comes from knowing God personally and learning to live His way. Cactus Corral is a non-dated eight week study on the fruit of the Spirit as seen in the lives of some of the first Christians in Acts. This series includes leader devotions to help you prepare, western themed games, and engaging Bible lessons that help kids connect to the Bible in a fun and memorable way.
The 8 Bible-centered lessons are fun and flexible for any size group and Children’s ministry program:

LESSON 1: ACTS 3-4, Peter Heals the Crippled Beggar

LESSON 2: ACTS 16:16-40, Paul & Silas Sing in Prison

LESSON 3: ACTS 9:1-31, Paul Makes Peace with God

LESSON 4: ACTS 27, Paul Is Shipwrecked

LESSON 5: ACTS 10, Peter Tells Cornelius about Jesus

LESSON 6: ACTS 9:32-43, Dorcas Is Raised from the Dead

LESSON 7: ACTS 11:19-26, The Church at Antioch are called “Christians”

LESSON 8: ACTS 18, Priscilla & Aquilla Are Gentle with Apollos


Cactus Corral TakeHome Resources Lessons on the Fruit of the Spirit from Acts

This Take Home Resources booklet for Cactus Corral includes multiple copies of activity sheets for each lesson, such as coloring pages and puzzles. Each activity sheet reinforces the eight Bible-centered lessons that are taught in the Cactus Corral series, which focus on the Fruits of the Spirit. Children will have fun coloring and drawing, while also learning Bible verses. There are five copies of each activity sheet in this booklet, plus a bonus attendance chart.

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