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Easily see over 300 Bible events and people across over 3,000 years of Bible history at a glance with Rose's Bible Timeline Insert. This ultra-thin insert can fit in the back of most Bibles, making it easy to pull out and reference as you read through the Bible.

Most Bibles don’t include maps and timelines (and when they do they are often in the back making them hard to quickly reference.) Imagine having easy-to-follow timelines, clear overviews and simple summaries on over 300 key events and the 66 books of the Bible... all tucked away in a slimline insert at the back of your Bible! From Abraham's journeys to Jesus' Ministry, find out fascinating facts and quick explanations on the history, background, and people of the Bible. Compare the rise and fall of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the Temple and Tabernacle, the life of Jesus, and more with major events in world history with Rose's Bible Timeline Insert.


  • Full-color illustrated timelines, plus 3 fold-out timelines
  • Easily see over 300 Bible events and people at a glance
  • Overviews of all 66 books of the Bible (author, date, key events, people, etc.)
  • Ultra-thin insert fits in the back of most Bibles
  • Glossy UV coated for durability

Filled with full-color illustrations and photographs, timelines of Bible history, and more, this insert follows need-to-know kings, priests, warriors, and disciples across seas and centuries as God's incredible plan unfolds! There is no better timeline of Bible history for group and individual studies, Sunday schools, new believers groups, and more! Click to see key features.

Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, new believer's classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Paperback, 48 pages, 5.5"x7.75". Fits inside most Bible covers for quick referencing.

This Bible History Timeline Insert Covers Every Major Event in Bible History

From the Genesis to the ministry of Jesus, cover every essential event of the Old and New Testament from 3200BC to 100AD. This Bible history timeline provides key dates, events, and figures from throughout Bible history like the Apostle Paul, kings David and Solomon, Moses, John the Baptist, Jesus, and so much more! Gain a new perspective on Bible history when you see the comparisons with major eras over the centuries like:

Era Bible History World History
BC 3200-1400 Genesis-Deuteronomy: Life of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Moses and the Exodus; the first Passover; Ten Commandments; and more! Earliest forms of writing; Stonehenge; the oldest Pyramids of Egypt; Chinese and Egyptian Empires; and more!
BC 1400-0 Judges-Nehemiah: Life of Queen Esther and King David; Northern and Southern Kingdoms of Judah; Jonah swallowed by whale; and more! Life of Greek poet Homer, Confucius, Buddha, and Plato; Mayan Dynasties founded; first Olympic games recorded; and more!
AD 0-100 The Gospels-Acts: Life of Jesus and the Early Church; John writes Revelation; Apostle Paul's journeys; and more! Life of Emperor Nero; Mt. Vesuvius erupts; Rome destroys Jerusalem; and more!

Enjoy seeing Bible history come alive when compared side-by-side to other world history events!

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4 Key Features of the Rose Bible Timeline Insert

1. Simple Overview. Quick Summaries of All 66 Books of the Bible

    Need a quick overview? Enjoy being able to reach into your Bible for this slimline insert and flip to the exact summary you need in just seconds! No Googling or heavy commentary required!

    With hundreds of names, locations, and events in the Old and New Testament, it can be dizzying to try to keep track of them all! Instead of going through heavy glossaries, dictionaries, and commentaries, easily access everything you need to know in Rose's Bible Timeline Insert! From the authors and when each book of the Bible was written to easy-to-scan summaries, timelines, and overviews of over 300 important events and people, get information on all 66 books of the Bible at a glance.

2. Highly Visual. Fully Illustrated with Dozens of Timelines, Charts, and Diagrams

    With 3 full fold-out timelines, charts, and diagrams, this illustrated timeline insert saves you hours that you would waste going through heavy, wordy atlases and commentaries. It boils down over 3,000 years of history, people, events, and places you need to know in the Bible into one slimline insert that easily fits into the back of most Bible cases! In an instant, find out exactly when Paul visited Rome, what verses of the Bible mentions Jesus' miracles, the different phases of the temple and Tabernacle, and more at a glance! Includes—




    • Compare Over 100 Old Testament and world history events & people
    • Genesis Through Deuteronomy Timeline (Over 70 events in the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and more)
    • Kings of Israel and Judah (Over 40 kings listed with Scripture references)
    • Temple Time Line (Includes the Tabernacle, Solomon's Temple, Herod's Temple, and more!)
    • Compare Over 90 New Testament and world history events & people
    • 41 key events in the Life of Jesus - Genealogy, birth, first miracle, the Transfiguration, healing of the leper, and more (with Scripture references)
    • 27 key events in the last days of Jesus - Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, crucifixion, resurrection, Ascension, and more (with Scripture references)




    • Overviews of all 39 books of the Old Testament
    • 5 Themes of the Old Testament (great for simplifying the Old Testament books!)
    • 5 Themes in the Book of Psalms
    • 6 Comparisons of Prophetic Imagery in Ezekiel and Revelation (with Scripture references)
    • Overviews of all 27 books of the New Testament
    • 3 Themes of the New Testament
    • 35 Miracles of Jesus (with Scripture references)
    • 39 Parables of Jesus (with Scripture references)
    • 28 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus (with Scripture references)

3. Trustworthy. Works with Any Bible Translation

    Whether you prefer the classic wording of the KJV or the modern language of the NIV, the Rose Bible Timeline Insert will fit any translation! Based on Rose Publishing's trusted and solid research, experience the confidence of having all the need-to-know biblical information at your fingertips.

4. Fascinating! Packed with Historical Facts and Information

    Find out fascinating facts and quick explanations on the history, background, and culture of each of the books of the Bible. Rediscover the wonder of God's Word in history with facts such as:

    • Cleopatra rules Egypt just 30 years before Jesus' birth
    • Mt. Vesuvius erupted, covering Pompeii in ash, just a few years before John wrote Revelation
    • The first Olympic games were during Jonah's lifetime
    • and much more!

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Rose Bible Timeline Insert is Perfect For:

  • Individual and group Bible study
  • Sunday school
  • Church giveaway
  • New believers' classes
  • Bible study groups
  • Seminary students
  • Homeschool
  • and much more!

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About Rose Publishing's Ultra Thin Bible Inserts

The Ultra Slim Bible Tools series is designed to enhance the Bible reference areas of any Bible. Ultra-thin designs, full-color imagery throughout with quick references to key historical events in the Bible transform any printed Bible into a powerful study tool. The series currently is comprised of “Then and Now Bible Maps” and “Bible Time Lines and Overview.”

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