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5 Key Features of The Bible Time Line PowerPoint

1. Simple Overview of Biblical Events in World History

With hundreds of important events mentioned throughout the Bible and throughout world history, you may wonder: Where do I even start? and What do I really need to know? With the Rose Bible Time Line PowerPoint, easily cover over 2,000 years of biblical and world history with incredible insights at a glance! With just the click of a mouse, cover the ancient Egypt, the rise of Rome, and the journey of the Israelites in fully illustrated slides!

2. Highly Visual Presentation of Biblical Events

Wow your students with a full-color, fully illustrated teaching of the major events of the Bible alongside important milestones in world history! Equipped with over 150 highly visual slides, teaching about biblical history has never been easier!

3. Features Fascinating Facts in Bible History

Includes fascinating facts, such as:
  • Daniel lived at the same time as Buddha
  • The first recorded Olympic games were about the time of Jonah.
  • Cleopatra was queen of Egypt just 30 years before Jesus’ time.
  • The apostle Paul never saw the Colosseum. It was built 4 years after his death.
4. Ready-to-Use Customizable Slides for Flexible Teaching

Use the presentation as-is or customize it to fit your teaching schedule! Organized by century, this flexible Christian history presentation format allows you to rearrange or add slides at your choosing!
  • Fully customizable slides for flexible teaching
  • Teach on one part or run the entire presentation
  • You control the timing, the speed, and order
5. All-In-One: Includes Handouts and Worksheets

Packed with printable worksheets, tip sheets, and quick-reference charts, this teaching PowerPoint presentation is all you need to easily educate your class about biblical events across world history. Includes:
  • Printable slide handouts for easy notetaking
  • Reproducible timelines, family trees, charts
  • and more!
Perfect for individual use, homeschool, Bible studies, discipleship, new believer’s classes, giveaways, and more.

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