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The Bible Overview pamphlet provides an excellent summary of every book of the Bible. Handy booklet includes an Old Testament overview, New Testament overview, and a chart for each Bible book. The Bible Overview chart shows the name of the book, the author, topic, where and when it was written, purpose, and the key verse. This Bible summary is perfect for Bible study or adult Sunday school classes. Many churches use this Bible summary to kick off a series that goes through the Bible.

Bible Overview Includes Bible Charts that Explain Each Book.

Summary of the Old Testament Books of the Bible
  • The Law (The Pentateuch)
  • Historical Books
  • Poetry and Wisdom
  • Major Prophets
  • Minor Prophets

Summary of the New Testament Books of the Bible
  • Gospels and Acts
  • Paul's Epistles
  • General Epistles and Revelation

The physical pamphlet version is 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches folded, which fits in most Bibles; it unfolds to 33 inches long. The e-book and/or digital versions can be scrolled or zoomed.

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