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You know it's important to read God's Word: we read the Bible to get to know the Author himself, but it's an intimidating book! With 66 books and around 800,000 words, the Bible is massive and complicated with history, names, and events. Where do you start? What are the most important takeaways from each book? How does each book fit into God's overall plan?

Packed with short summaries, quick-reference charts & diagrams, full-color maps, and illustrations, Rose's Bible Overview is the perfect solution to cover over 2,000 years of Bible history, people, and events at a glance! Includes:

  • Over 150 charts, maps, time lines, and full-color photos.
  • Archaeological discoveries that give insight into the culture of the time.
  • How Jesus can be seen in each book.
  • Relevant and Practical Application for God's people today— and more!

Paperback, 272 pages, full color, fully-reproducible. Perfect for personal study or for the Bible study that wants to hand out overviews for each book.

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Imagine Seeing Key Information on
All 66 Books of the Bible at a Glance!

Unlike most Bible handbooks and study Bibles, Rose's Bible Overview includes more than just text summaries and outlines— it features 150 quick-reference charts, timelines, maps, overviews, and full-color pictures on every book of the Bible! Enjoy finding key information fast with its visuals:


5 Key Features of Rose's Bible Overview

1. Easy-to-Use. Clear Format for Quick Referencing.

Enjoy having all 66 books of the Bible displayed in easy-to-read summaries and clear formats at a glance! With the turn of a page, find exactly what you need to know at your fingertips!

Bible Overview see inside

At a glance, you will find key information for each book of the Bible:

  • The purpose of each book summed up in 3-5 words.
  • The theme and how it fits in with the rest of the Bible.
  • Author, date, audience, and brief history of that time period.
  • Key verses and and outline of each book so you can find important stories fast!

2. Highly Visual. Packed with Charts, Maps, and Timelines!

Imagine having all 66 books of the Bible laid out visually, in charts, illustrations, and short summaries! Bible Overview follows the classic Rose style of being packed with full-color pictures, timelines, maps, and diagrams to help you bring depth to any Bible study!

Rose Book of Bible Charts

3. Short & Concise. Need-to-Know Information at Your Fingertips!

Some people use handbooks, but they are too detailed and have too much information. Commentaries are 3-inches thick with tiny type from edge to edge. You need something easy and colorful, filled with basic information. And you want to understand who wrote the book and why. You want to know what this book tells us about God. And why this book is important to us today.

Bible Overview Sale

4. Easy-to-Read. Simple Summaries for What You Need to Know at a Glance!

When you want to learn the Bible, you want a clear and simple overview that makes it easy. You want to understand the main message and how it all focuses on God's salvation through Jesus Christ. Rose's Bible Overview makes it possible for you to grasp it all!

Bible Overview Comparisons

5. Engaging. Packed with Fascinating Facts!

Enjoy having one book that includes not only quick overviews— but hundreds of fascinating facts, such as:

  • The name Genesis comes from the Greek word gignesthai, which means "to be born."
  • The Cyrus Cylinder found in ancient Babylon dates back to around 539 B.C. and confirms the accuracy of the events in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah.
  • Roman Emperor Nero was so cruel that his contemporaries called him the "beast." Tradition says that both Peter and Paul were martyred under the persecution of him.

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See What Others are Saying About Rose Bible Overview

"Bible Overview is a teacher's dream. It is a beautiful book with informative content and summaries. It stirs a passion to read the Bible."
—Retha Groenewald, Sunday School Teacher

"Whether for personal study or class study, for doing a survey of Bible books, you will be hard pressed to find a better resource than this one."
—Keith Lassiter, Music Minister and Sunday School Teacher

"The Rose Bible Overview is the kind of product that changes lives. Beautifully conceived, it combines textual insights with archaeological evidence, maps, and charts. A goldmine for Sunday school teachers—and a gift to any believer who wants to grow in Christ."
—Paul Carden, Executive Director, The Centers for Apologetics Research (CFAR)

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Rose Bible Overview is perfect for:

  • Bible study
  • Young adult and youth study
  • Homeschool
  • Church libraries
  • New believers' classes
  • Discipleship
  • Baptism gifts
  • and much more!

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