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Are you ready to walk in complete healing? Whether emotionally, spiritually, or physically, the power to heal is in God's hands, but the ability to receive his healing touch is your choice. From 7 practical steps toward healing to hidden roadblocks that can keep you in unnecessary pain, you will rediscover the transforming power of God's Word in 7 Ways to Choose Healing from the New Life series. This book will help you:
  • Identify root causes of pain and move past the hurt
  • Get 2 keys you need for healing and resilience
  • Use powerful Scriptures to guide your walk towards freedom and joy in Christ
  • And much more!

3 Key Features of 7 Ways to Choose Healing

Heartbreak. Abuse. Isolation. Rejection. Whether you're healing from a childhood hurt or a wound that is still fresh from yesterday, Stephen Arterburn equips you with the biblical principles, Scriptures, and practical steps you need to break free from bondage and start moving forward again. This pamphlet can help you break the bondage of pain and guide you towards healing, forgiveness, and freedom.

  1. Digs into Scripture: This pamphlet presents time-tested counseling backed by Scriptures in concise and straightforward summaries.
  2. Interactive and Practical: This trusted study includes simple overviews, checklists, reflection questions (with journaling space), and practical steps you can take each day to walk towards healing.
  3. Relevant and Relatable: It shares real stories and answers tough questions, such as: "Why can't I get a miracle?" "Why wasn't my marriage or relationship able to be fixed?"
  4. BONUS: 7 Ways to Choose Healing also includes "The 40-Day Challenge" to launch you successfully into recovery and redemption by partnering your practical steps with healing prayers and biblical affirmations you can read over and over.

Perfect for individual use, discipleship, small group & Bible study, adult Sunday school, lay counseling & chaplains, divorce recovery, addiction counseling, church giveaways, and much more!

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