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No one said midlife HAS to be a crisis. Find out how to make the choices that will help you find fulfillment with Stephen Arterburn's 6 Ways for Men to Thrive in Midlife. Using practical steps, rock-solid Bible principles, and time-tested counseling advice, learn to take advantage of the benefits the next season of life has for you.

Midlife doesn’t have to be a crisis of identity or a failure in self-confidence. Midlife can be a season of discovering how your past years and present situation are the very stuff that an exciting future is made of. Get proven strategies and guidance from God’s Word that will set you up to thrive. Find out how to:
  • Rediscover your purpose and the important roles you play.
  • Spot and respond to common warning signs of a midlife crisis.
  • Respond to changes in career, marriage, appearances, sex, and more.

This book is packed with charts, simple summaries, and checklists that make it easy to find information fast!

See 7 Warning Signs of a Midlife Crisis

How do I know if I'm going through a midlife crisis? Learn to seek help for you or your husband before the signs and symptoms of a midlife crisis become more than just warnings.
  1. Feeling depressed
  2. Being restless
  3. Feeling irritable
  4. Being a "partier" (going out for longer periods of time, increased drinking, thrill-seeking, etc.)
  5. Making foolish or irresponsible decisions with finances
  6. Becoming obsessed with sex (increase of fantasizing, pornography use, etc.)
  7. Considering an affair

A midlife crisis is so much more than a handful of impulses that need to be satisfied or addressed. Stephen Arterburn takes you through the signs, causes, and solutions to get to the root of what causes a midlife crisis to kick in and how to overcome it for a fulfilling life and God-given destiny.

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