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From Jesus’ virgin birth to His death on the cross, the events of Jesus’ life and death were foretold hundreds of years in advance. The PowerPoint presentation includes a solid overview of 100 key prophecies fulfilled by Christ with slides that are customizable and ready-to-use.

4 Key Features of this 100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus PowerPoint Presentation

1. Solid Overview of ALL Key Prophecies Pointing to Jesus

Enjoy having a solid and thoroughly researched presentation on the prophecies of Jesus’s birth, ministry, death, and resurrection at your fingertips! Instantly see exactly where in the Bible and when in history each prophecy can be found. Like all Rose Publishing products, the 100 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus PowerPoint is packed with verses to prove and provide evidence for each prophecy so you will know what you believe and why! Discover key information at a glance, such as:
  • Who made the prophecy
  • When the prophecy was made
  • How it was fulfilled
  • Key Bible verses & cross references
2. Easy-to-Read. Clearly See Old Testament Prophecies about Jesus and Their New Testament Fulfillments Side by Side

Enjoy seeing a quick overview of 100 prophecies of Jesus with Scripture references in a snap! With the click of a mouse, you can compare 100 Old Testament prophecies about Jesus with New Testament fulfillments!

3. Ready-to-Use. Customizable Slides for Flexible Teaching

Use the presentation as-is or customize it to fit your teaching schedule! Organized by types of prophecies, this flexible Messianic prophecies of Jesus presentation format allows you to rearrange or add slides at your choosing!
  • More than 200 slides, fully customizable for flexible teaching
  • Teach on one part or run the entire presentation
  • You control the timing, the speed, and order
4. Reproducible Worksheets and Notes to Teach an Incredible Prophecies of Jesus Study

Teaching and comparing the Old Testament prophecies of Jesus with New Testament fulfillments has never been easier. Included in this all-inclusive PowerPoint CD you will find:
  • Handy outlines, notes, and Scripture references for teaching and your students
  • Application questions for discussion, study, and reflection
  • Printable and reproducible worksheets and a quiz for study
Perfect for individual use, homeschool, Bible studies, discipleship, new believer’s classes, church giveaways, and more!

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